Hello and welcome to My website.          

My Name is Phil and I am building a library of "how to DVD's"  and Manuals, I also film instructional DVDs and write illustrated PDF manuals for manufacturers and video marketing segments demonstrating how to use or fit products.

How many times have you bought a wonderful looking product only to rip open the packaging to find the assembly instructions consist of 1 printed page that are no good to man nor beast ! Frustrating isn't it !

We have the answer to this with our information products.

Our small size allows us to be extremely quick in producing real world presentations and keep costs to the minimum. Video marketing is the fastest growing method of delivering information to the public and we are currently uploading our clips to video hosting sites that cover 98% of all video searches. We are also in a superb position to set up networking opportunities and joint ventures.

So let me give you an idea of the interests I'll be filming, investigating and researching.

Basically anything mechanical, electrical or just interesting! I've filmed lots of car stuff so far as that's my main subject  and its given me a grounding in common sense and understanding of the forces involved in making things move and work. I also love water and anything that goes on it, in it, or under it. Aircraft and flying them is the best hobby ever in my books and I was lucky enough to get my pilots license some years ago. 

DVD production. We can film edit and print DVD products very quickly on demand. Our main filming projects currently are automotive workshop manuals presented in my usual real world style showing you how to get your repairs done at home or alternatively demonstrating what is involved in the job from a time and effort point of view limiting your chances of over paying for the job elsewhere.

Ok now I have to tell you about something that has really caught my attention and this is the reason you should not leave my site without leaving your name and email. Free energy ! I hear you laughing already but let me just say that I've been obsessed by this subject for over a year now and I have found the people that have succeeded in doing it. (No Joke)  

A few names for you to investigate before we move on to the DVDs  Tom Beardon, Edwin Gray (not the singer) Howard Johnson, Nikola Tesla.

They have achieved the impossible by conventional standards and when you've read up on them come back and stay in touch because I am experimenting with the technology and will be presenting my progress in easy to understand written and DVD format.

So if you have any interest in the future of energy then my energy website www.radiant-energy.co.uk is where we are starting our journey and it will lead to super efficient electric cars ( I'm going to build on the stuff I've learnt so far and I intend to make my energy website easy enough for anyone to follow and replicate the projects and I've started with a basic lesson and kit of the discoveries I've been learning about.  By the time you've had a look at some of my DVD's below you'll see that I'm a "doer" Not a "Talker" so enjoy the previews and if you like what you see then please buy a DVD and lets get a move on with the energy projects as well as the vehicular entertainment.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FREE VEHICLE SERVICE SCHEDULE The service schedule is what the mechanics use in the garage as a check list when they're doing a vehicle service. It just makes the job easier and is a reminder of all the things to be done. Download it for yourself so that you too could use it to check your car.



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Ford Zetec Head Gasket change DVD click here to order 9.97+ p&p

Ford Fiesta Workshop manual DVD 2 disc set click here to order 11.97+ p&p

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LandroverWorkshopDVD.com The current DVD project on my old faithful 110 200tdi featuring several manufacturers products. Tons of how to fit parts, upgrade and repairs. MORE NEW DVDS HERE TOO
The Hydrogen Experiment There's lots of stuff on the internet about the benefits of hydrogen but does it really work ?. Well I've bought a kit fitted it and tested the results so you can see what you can realistically get.
Morris Minor Welding DVD.  This is my first DVD and is the most popular still and was the only 1 filmed with an old video camera so its  TV quality but still shows lots of details and the car being rolled over on its side which still amuses me and is good fun.
Morris Minor Turbo DVD. This another couple of hours worth of information showing the conversion and fitting bits like the hydraulic clutch kit and everything else I wanted to try.
Pimp Your Interior DVD. Its definitely smart the result of several weeks work with  a 99 sewing machine and I ended up with piping round the seats, vinyl dash and most of the interior covered so there wasn't alot of metal showing like the original car.
Bodywork DVD. This an epic 5 hour dvd with everything from welding, cutting, sanding, filling, prep, priming, paint, metalflakes, stipping & fitting up and making a spraybooth.
Morris Minor Suspension Upgrade DVD. With a Turbo you need a bit better suspension setup, So I use some popular kits and fabricate some rosejointed links and a panhard rod. Now it really does handle.
Starter Motor Repair DVD. In this DVD I strip 3 starter motors of different types (inc 1 Inertia) (2 Pre-Engaged) clean them all up replace bits that need doing like bearings and solenoids which are very easy to get and reassemble them showing every detail on the way.
Alternator | Dynamo DVD. Three units again, 2 Alternators 1 Dynamo stripped down to component parts and then reassembled with new bearings, rectifiers and regulators and a few tests shown as well.
M O T Test DVD. If you want to know more about a UK mot test and want to know what is tested and how then this is the DVD well worth clicking on to read more.
Advertising Banner DVD. I had an idea for standing out from the crowd
Corsa Workshop Manual DVD If you want to know how to do lots of repairs and maintenance on your Corsa or just learn about mechanics in general this DVD could save you time with the information or money at the garage because you'll know what you are talking about. Its also over 5 hours worth!
Valeting DVD I bet your car doesn't sparkle like it could do ! In this DVD I take a dirty little fiesta with rust and scratches and turn it into a sparkler. If your paint is old and faded this is how to bring it back to life and it will really gleam when you see all the details that come together to make this little 15 year old car look like a 1 owner genuine 5000 mile minter. Consider yourself challenged to do the same !


If you have an idea for a DVD then drop  an email to Phil@Diy-Dvds.com  or if any thing below interests you then add your name and email to the reminder list as there will be lots more coming. Currently I'm filming a few small projects while I research my latest interest which is Overunity Motors, Pulse Motors and anything else I find along the lines of free energy or more efficient ways of using it. This is going to be a big factor in electric cars in the future and I want to have a knowledge of it. Also solar energy captured in various ways is very interesting and something for the future. So if you want a reminder when I've filmed something new Add your name and email below and I'll stay in touch.




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